24 Sep, 2020

Sugar at EAST Hong Kong Presents ‘Flavours of Hong Kong’ Collective Memories on the City’s Unique Food Culture

(Hong Kong, 24 September 2020) – Sugar, the rooftop bar, lounge and deck with stunning harbour view at EAST Hong Kong, introduces ‘Flavours of Hong Kong’ presenting an extensive selection of Hong Kong inspired cocktails complemented with a taste of nostalgia from October 2020 until March 2021.

Hong Kong has always been regarded as a melting pot of cultures thanks to its rich and interesting history. Started off as a cluster of several small fishing villages, the city has developed into a hub for both the West and the East with its own unique flair, it is common to find local herbal tea shops and French patisseries on the same street.

By blending the taste of local delicacies and foreign flavours, the dedicated cocktail selection recalls the memory of people who grew up in Hong Kong and pays homage to the city’s irreplicable cultural heritage.

The menu presents 10 sophisticated cocktails priced from HK$150* to HK$160*, including Haam Yu, Daan Taat, Yuen Yeung, Sai Yeung Choi, Milk Rabbit, Yeung Ji Gum Lo, Chui Yuk Gon, Jaa Sei Mei, Yum Cha and Suet Ko Tse. Guests will be able to enjoy the refreshing craft cocktails and tempting tapas amidst the easy breezy vibes on Sugar’s spacious deck.

*Prices are subject to 10% service Charge.


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Head of Communications
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