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At Swire Hotels, people are the source of our inspiration. That is why we encourage our people to embrace their edges and express themselves in their own unique ways.

"Kristina, who is so incredibly attentive helped me take care of several things and it was like having an assistant, sister and partner all in one. The seamless delivery of the service, and the attention to detail was unique. I had many an occasion where I received some fruit, some fresh ginger, extra towels, only because they noticed what I was doing and what I needed." - Ann Marie Scichili

  • “Genuine personal relationships are key to the Swire Hotels experience. We spend a lot of time getting to know guests as individuals so they truly feel our house is their home.”

    Edward Tang, Director of Guest Experience, The Upper House

    Edward began his journey as part of The Opposite House pre-opening team in 2007, eventually relocating back to Hong Kong in 2009 for The Upper House. Edward always goes the extra mile for guests – from sending holiday cards to coordinating quarantine care packages – in genuine acts of hospitality most recently recognised through his award as Front Office Hotelier of the Year in The Stelliers Greater China 2022 Hotelier of the Year awards.

  • “Growing up, my parents ran their own restaurant, so I’ve always been comfortable in hospitality. It’s truly a joy to be able now to deliver such a refined culinary experience to my guests.”

    Henry Hua, Captain at Jing Yaa Tang, The Opposite House

    Henry’s journey with Swire started in 2018 when he joined Jing Yaa Tang’s kitchen team. Since 2022, he’s led the restaurant’s operations as captain, where his back of house experience gives him unique perspective.

  • “I’m happy that at EAST I can do what I love and deeply believe is great work.”

    Kit Leung, Sous Chef at Domain, EAST Hong Kong

    With more than two decades of pastry experience and a CV that includes three-Michelin-starred Joel Robuchon, Kit’s creativity has flourished during his time at EAST. When he’s not in the kitchen, you can find him surfing.

  • “I enjoy creating memories with our guests when they visit us, as they share their stories with me and we build a relationship that is beyond just serving them.”

    Lynn Du, Director of Guest Experience, The Opposite House

    Lynn joined The Opposite House in 2017 as Guest Experience Manager and soon rose the ranks to Senior Manager in 2018 and subsequently Director in 2022. Her bright personality has made her successful in this role as she continues to build relationships with guests over her favourite drink; an ice cold beer. 

  • “Blending traditional Chinese culture into cocktails is important to me at Jing Bar, which brings The Temple House’s heritage and contemporary design together with Chengdu’s urban traditions.”

    William Zhang, Head Bartender of Jing, The Temple House

    William has a love for ancient history and enjoys walking through the city streets to find inspiration. He draws on his discoveries to infuse local culture and influences from history and culture into the mixology at Jing. 
  • “Wellness is a holistic practice. It means exercise and diet, but also sleep, emotional wellbeing and many other aspects. Only by consistently cultivating good habits can we achieve an overall balance between mind and body.”

    Kyle Zhou, Assistant Spa Manager, The Temple House

    An integral part of the Mi Xun Spa team, Kyle has a passion for working sustainable practices and elements into the treatment process. 
  • “I see every room in a hotel as a story taking shape, some fun and wild leaving you absolutely stunned, and others sad yet touching – a full range of emotions and life. We, hoteliers, are a part of each story.”

    Richard Fernandez, Executive Assistant Manager, EAST Miami

    A hospitality professional through and through, Richard has been with Swire Hotels for the past seven years. When he’s not at EAST, he loves being outdoors, doing anything in or on the ocean and searching for locally kept secrets. 
  • “Guest satisfaction is the very foundation and backbone of the Houses’ success. We’re a group of individuals who happily and continuously strive for guests’ happiness. Nobody told us it would be this fun.“

    Lewis Kim, Assistant Director of Guest Experience - The Middle House

    After taking part in Swire Hotel’s operations management trainee programme in 2017, Lewis joined The Upper House and most recently took on the role of Guest Experience Liaison Manager. Originally from Seoul, he first grew interested in hospitality by the Korean Drama Hotelier.
  • “Embracing change is one of the most important characteristics of our teams. Thinking Differently is what pushes the boundaries and makes us stand out from other hotels.”

    Zelotes Lam, Assistant Director of Operations & Efficiency, Central Support Office

    From management trainee to Assistant Director at our Central Support Office, Zelotes has worked at many of Swire Hotels’ properties over his eight years. He’s a natural-born leader, continually spearheading group initiatives to develop guest experience and productivity in our operations.

  • “Work is a big part of my life, and I’m grateful it’s full of such joyous, memorable moments with our guests and my team.”

    Ming Ng, Housekeeping, EAST Hong Kong

    With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality world, Ming has been with EAST Housekeeping for more than a decade. And when she’s not at work, she enjoys playing with her dog and gardening at home. 

  • “Conventionally, we thought legal in-house is playing a supportive role to the business, but I truly believe we are here to help drive the culture, with efficiency, with passion and with hospitality to all those around us.”

    Justen Li, Senior Legal Counsel, Swire Hotels

    Aside from being the Legal Counsel for Swire Hotels, Justen is also a Chairman of Soap Cycling, works for multiple NGOs and the company’s Diversity and Inclusitivity initiatives, trying to chip in as much as possible in a world that needs supports.

  • “I truly enjoy trying new creations, bringing a fresh and refined culinary experience to our guests."

    Tony Xu, Executive Sous Chef, Mi Xun Teahouse, The Temple House

    A Sichuan native, Tony Xu brings more than 20 years of culinary experience. He is very particular with the ingredients he uses and only creates unique, seasonal dishes using the freshest local ingredients of the highest quality. Recently, Tony led the Mi Xun Teahouse team to earn its first Michelin Star in the inaugural Michelin Guide Chengdu 2022, the only hotel in Chengdu receiving this recognition. 

  • “Thank you to all Housekeeping teams I have worked with in my career to make me the person I am today.”

    Lawrence Wong, Director of Housekeeping, The Upper House

    Being part of the Swire Hotels family for over 12 years, Lawrence continues to bring his passion and expertise to lead his team every day. Recently, he has been awarded in The Stelliers Greater China 2021 Hotelier of the Year awards, a recognition well deserved.

  • "A barber has long been the cornerstone of a gentleman's grooming regimen. A sharp haircut and a clean shave can completely transform a man's appearance and instil confidence. My mission is to do just that."

    Herry, Resident Barber at Mi Xun Spa, The Temple House

    Herry has had a unique eye for fashion and beauty since childhood. After his graduation from the Hairdressing Institutes, he was invited to be the Technical Director of Action Hair Salon in Singapore for 3 years where the co-founder of Facebook, Mr Eduardo Saverin was one of his clients!

  • "Traditional dishes remind me of my childhood and bring back memories like nothing else. That's why I love serving guests the classics – with my own twists, of course."

    Li Dong, Executive Chef at Jing Yaa Tang and Superfly, The Opposite House

    As a born-and-raised Beijinger, Li Dong's mom was the first chef he looked up to, her philosophy on food and life have played an important part of his personal life and career. 

  • "Genuine care is the key. We have built a bond with our guests and each time we welcome them back it feels like old friends reuniting."

    K Ma, Assistant Director of Guest Experience, The Upper House

    K Ma's nine year journey at the House has been meaningful and rewarding - starting from Guest Experience Assistant to Assistant Director of Guest Experience. His steadfast natrue, positive attitude and dedication have all played an integral role in nurturing relationships with guests that have grown and expanded into friendships.

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