The House Collective

Every House is its own story.

Find yourself amidst the neon cityscape of Hong Kong, fashionable streets in Shanghai, or Chengdu’s monumental past. Our three Houses are uniquely imagined to reflect the soul and aesthetics of the locale. They call out to all those in search of authentic and intimate experiences and who share a love for arts and stunning architecture. We understand every one of our guests and ensure them an incredible stay.

At The Upper House, embark on an upward journey to an intimate urban retreat with soaring views of Hong Kong's harbour and hills. 

Go back in time at The Temple House with its entrance set in a beautifully restored hundred-year-old Chinese courtyard built in the Qing Dynasty, and experience traditions that have both lasted and evolved over time.

The Middle House is located in the middle and heart of Shanghai in the bustling Jing'an District. As the newest addition to The House Collective, the House provides an elegant and calm oasis amidst one of Asia's most sophisticated cities. 


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