To effect lasting change by inspiring awareness and action in our people

“Swire Hotels’ people are what makes us different. Everything we do revolves around a broad representation of team members. We see our environment changing and understand the role we have in addressing the effects of climate change. We deploy our philosophy of thinking differently to explore ways that we can improve the sustainability of our hotels, our communities and our partners.”

- Dean Winter, Managing Director of Swire Hotels


We are dedicated to delivering uplifting experiences to our guests, as well as to the wider communities of the cities that we are fortunate to call home. The world is changing, not just from technological and cultural advances, but also from the impact humans have on the environment. We understand that we have the power to effect change in our communities through our decisions and actions. In order to manifest this change, we start from the core of our brand - our people.

We want to create a healthy ecosystem of people who embody our values, are concerned about our impact on the environment and have the passion to always grow, inspire and innovate. 

This way, we can continue delivering wonderful experiences for now, and for many years to come.


What we plan to achieve

"I feel our role in protecting this world should be embraced by everyone as a sense of responsibility for our future generations."
- Jennifer Cheung, General Manager of EAST Hong Kong
  • Energy Conservation

    The hospitality industry is one of the biggest energy consumers – and yet mindless energy use is a major contributor to our carbon footprint. That's why we're committed to providing exceptional comfort for our guests but not at the expense of energy efficiency. 

    By 2025, our goal is to cut down on energy usage per guest night across all our properties by 19%* and by 2030, reduce it even further by 26%*.

    *vs a baseline in 2018 for all hotels & residences, except for The Middle House and EAST Residences which use 2019 as the baseline.
  • Water Conservation

    On average, a person uses up to 100 litres of water per day, sometimes even more during their travels. Hotels can play a significant role in water conservation, and we would like to be at the forefront of that change. 

    Through tackling water efficiency at all our properties, we are working towards reducing water intensity in all our properties by 8%* by 2025 and by 12% by 2030*.

    *vs a baseline in 2018 for all hotels & residences, except for The Middle House and EAST Residences which use 2019 as the baseline.
  • Waste Management

    From in-room water filters and removal of single-use packaging to amenities made of recyclable materials, we prioritise efforts to manage waste and prolong the lives of our everyday items through the 3Rs – Reuse, Reduce and Recycle.

    Our goal is to achieve a waste diversion rate of 28% at our Hong Kong properties and 54%* at our Chinese Mainland properties by 2025 and by 2030, increase this to 34% in Hong Kong and 58%* in the Chinese Mainland.

    *vs a baseline in 2018 for all hotels & residences, except for The Middle House and EAST Residences which use 2019 as the baseline.


As we strive to inspire changes through our people, our team members are always looking for ways to make the Swire Hotels journey more sustainable while offering guest exceptional services. In the various initiatives and experiences that they have created, their creativity and passion for a greener future shines through. 


SD Dialogue is a candid bi-monthly conversation with people from all walks of business who are passionate about sustainability, hosted by Jennifer Cheung, General Manager of EAST Hong Kong. Together, Jennifer and her guests openly and honestly share their unique perspectives on various sustainable development topics, with the goal of inspiring each of us to contribute to a more sustainable world.
  • Going Green Together with Green Kitchen

    We're proud of our Green Kitchens, which are efficiently designed to reduce water, waste and energy. Our chefs speak with the next generation to share how we're committed to a green future with Green Kitchen!

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    To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Executive Chef of Mi Xun Teahouse, Tony Xu, launched a farm-to-table Michelin tasting menu in collaboration with Qi Yun, local farmer and artist. To better understand the process behind the group’s first Michelin farm-to-table menu, Kylie Lam, Hotel Manager and Sustainability Ambassador of The Temple House, sat down with Tony and Qi Yun. Now, she shares with us the documented process behind the event.

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    Jennifer Cheung, General Manager of EAST Hong Kong visits the studio of Jacqueline Chak and Genevieve Chew, co-founders of multidisciplinary design studio EDITECTURE and hears the story behind their vision of sustainability and how the idea of more plastic than fish in the sea led to educating the next generation. 

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    Jennifer Cheung x Michael Lee

    Jennifer Cheung sits down with Michael Lee, Area Back of House Manager of EAST Hong Kong to chat about her passion for sustainability and how she looks to inspire the people around her. 

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To help reach our 3 KPIs, each of our hotels have dedicated Sustainability Ambassadors to help drive green efforts. Creative, passionate, and full of character – our people seek to drive positive changes towards sustainability by thinking differently and taking simple actions in their daily lives.
  • Jennifer Cheung

    General Manager, EAST Hong Kong

    “If we don’t act today, then when?”

    Lawrence Wong

    Director of Housekeeping, The Upper House

    “Not one single person can do everything. But small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world. We're already seeing this happening in some places of the world, so what's stopping us from doing the same?”

    Kylie Lam

    Hotel Manager, The Temple House

    “Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility - it doesn't only sit in the hands of a few. The smallest actions can add up to a big impact, such as the initiatives we create at The Temple House. We are proud to see our team members increasingly putting efforts into integrating sustainability in their daily lives, and how motivated they are to create positive impacts for guests as well as the environment.”

    Michael Lee

    Area Back of House Manager / Event Production Manager, EAST Hong Kong

    “Over the last few years, we have been watching the extreme weather become more and more serious. This should be a wake-up call that if everyone doesn't change their living habits, the future generations will inherit a completely different world. If not for ourselves - act now to bring a better world to the next generation.” 

    Bob Ren

    Executive Assistant Manager, EAST Beijing

    “Sustainability may be tough for some to adopt because although it is one of the most important acts, it's also one of the most selfless. We act today, for a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that we may not see, but that our kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids will."

    Anita Lee

    People & Culture Manager, Headland Hotel

    "A healthy planet equals a happy life, and a happy life leads to happy team members. It's that simple! "

  • Swire Properties SD 2030 vision

    As part of our long term approach to sustainability, we are whole-heartedly committed to Swire Properties’ SD 2030 vision. The holistic strategy focused on constant development in the areas of Places, People, Partners, Environmental Performance, and Economic Performance.

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    SD In Action 2022

    Swire Hotels continues to strive towards sustainability, and we're proud to share our latest report on our efforts in 2022. Check out the link below to see how we're making a difference.

    We're proud to contribute towards a better future.

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