The more we do, the more we want to do.

Sustainability is an ongoing process and we want to be part of that change. It begins with our people. We make sure every one of our members are aware of what they can do for the environment. During your stay, you’ll also find sustainable lifestyle much easier, with amenities like in-room water filters and reusable water bottles. And it doesn’t stop there, we’re always looking to create meaningful initiatives. Read more about the causes we care about.

  • Swire Properties SD 2030 vision

    As part of our long term approach to sustainability, we are whole-heartedly committed to Swire Properties’ SD 2030 vision. The holistic strategy focused on constant development in the areas of Places, People, Partners, Environmental Performance, and Economic Performance.

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  • Every drop counts

    On average, a person uses up to 100 litres of water per day, and sometimes even more during their travels. Hotels can take a great part in water conservation and we would like to be at the forefront of that change. By taking water efficiency measures at all of our hotels, we are working towards reducing water consumption per guest by up to 50%.

  • Putting things to good use

    At Swire Hotels, we go to extraordinary lengths to minimise our impact on the environment. To reduce waste and prolong the lives of our everyday items. From in-room water filters, the removal of single-use packaging, to amenities made of recyclable or biodegradable materials and our Christmas decorations, we look at how we could reduce waste at every corner of our hotels.

  • Same comfort, less energy

    The hospitality industry is one of the biggest energy consumers. Yet energy is precious and every wasteful consumption is another damage to the planet we love. That is why Swire Hotels is committed to providing exceptional comfort for our guests not at the expense of energy efficiency. Every day we explore new ways to save energy and contribute to a sustainable cause.

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