What’s your goal?

Wellness is a journey of personal growth and means different things for everyone. Our goal is to offer the right space for you to focus on your wellbeing in ways you are comfortable with, so you can regain work-life balance and destress completely. Rejuvenate your body and soul at our fitness centres, outdoor spaces or even inside your own room.

  • Our Spas

    From traditional Chinese therapies to new global technology, our spas offer a wide range of treatments that target all areas of wellbeing – from the physical to the mental.

  • Stretch And Breathe With Us

    Encouraging healthier living and stronger mind-body connections is important to us at Swire Hotels. Our speciality fitness programmes help you keep active during your stay while our yoga sessions allow you to pause and take a deep breath when you need it. 

  • Let’s Dive In

    Our pools are as unique as our hotels. Swim beneath sculptural skylights at The Temple House, under fibre optic stars at The Opposite House, or in serene surrounds at The Middle House. Take a dip in the outdoor pools at EAST Hong Kong and EAST Miami or plunge into EAST Beijing's indoor infinity pool.

  • Feel Good From The Inside Out

    Food shouldn't just taste good, it should make you feel good too. At The Temple House, Mi Xun Teahouse serves plant-based regional Sichuan cuisine inspired by the nourishing dishes once prepared at the thousand-year old Daci Monastery nearby.

  • Our Partners

    We partner with brands that interpret wellness in their very own ways, yet all share a common passion for mind-body balance.

    Relax and unwind with Lululemon’s community classes or SpaceCycle’s in-room workout videos and nourish with Bamford’s all-natural skincare routine.


  • The Upper House Wellness Residency

    From massage and meditation to yoga and energy healing, our wellness residences are fully integrated into the guest experience, with holistic classes and session designed to enhance well-being. 

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    Mi Xun Spa at The Temple House

    Set in a traditional teahouse, Mi Xun Spa offers restorative treatments and massages inspired by ancient Chinese practices and modern Western therapies.

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    Mi Xun Spa at The Middle House

    Mi Xun Spa includes an extensive restorative treatments – CHA LING, Gemology, DIBI and INDIBA® are tailored for our guests to achieve a nourishing and relaxing wellness experience. 

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