25 Jan, 2019

Frasca’s Fresh New Arrival – Marino D’Antonio

Shanghai, 24 January 2019 – Marino D’Antonio, has arrived to bring his beloved brand of authentic Italian cuisine to Frasca in The Middle House Shanghai. The House is the latest edition of Swire Hotels’ The House Collective, where authentic and memorable culinary moments are a key highlight.

Marino D’Antonio’s career has taken him to some of the top kitchens in the world, where he has overseen exciting dining experiences for discerning diners. Hailing from Bergamo, Italy, Marino has more than 20 years’ experience in the epicurean world, having worked at top hotels, cruises and restaurants in Italy, the UK, France, Beijing and Hong Kong. He now joins Swire Hotels with his own style well in tune with the intimate and personalised touch of the The House Collective – first in Shanghai, and later in 2019 at The Opposite House in Beijing where a new Frasca will open in the Autumn.

Honouring simplicity and tradition

Chef Marino will establish the real traditions of Italian cuisine at Frasca; an absolute dedication to quality ingredients, an obsession with the time-honoured and genuine methods of Italian cooking that are alive and well in Italy today. The result is heart-warming dishes that, allow the ingredients and techniques to do all the talking.

Come and try his classic specialties, including Spaghetti alla Chitarra Teramani, with tasty mini meatballs made with veal and Iberico pork, soaked in tomato sauce on handmade pasta, a secret family recipe passed down through generations. “This is the dish my grandmother used to make for special celebrations only” Marino said.

There are other highlights you can’t miss. La Milanese, pan-fried veal chop in aromatic bread, served with cherry wood potatoes and tartare sauce, is a classic Milan preparation where the veal is fried in clear butter. Costolette di agnello alla scottadito, wood-fired lamb chop marinated in garlic and rosemary, is a delicacy prepared according to the southern region of Italy, the Roman way. Linguine all astice, verrigni linguine cooked with Boston lobster, with a touch of fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes and Sardinian bottarga is especially prepared for lobster lovers!

A new weekend brunch in a modern setting

To celebrate Marino’s arrival, Frasca is launching its brand-new weekend brunch. Available on Saturdays and Sundays, you can enjoy an appetiser, a combo of five different dishes, an egg dish, plus a main course with four options to choose from. The brunch ends on a high note with his famous dessert plate of two cakes Panettone and Rum Baba, for only CNY198 per person.

Already a favourite for Shanghai’s food-loving crowd, Frasca at The Middle House is a modern casual Italian eatery named after the symbol of the hanging branches that were used to welcome passers-by. For quality refreshments in Friuli, Frasca offers a casual and inviting place for people to enjoy some of the most pleasing and authentic Italian dishes.

Frasca in Shanghai houses four areas – a bar, main dining room, glass room and outdoor terrazza. Each area is unique in style but coherent in the values of Italian cooking and genuine hospitality. Frasca’s food celebrates Italian culture, making reference to our past territory and its traditions and to our current territory, from which we draw great produce and inspiration. We respect our environment and therefore ensure that the produce and techniques we use are as sustainable as possible. We have strong relationships with our farmers and work closely with them to learn about the progressive practices that these craftsmen dedicate so much time in.

A regional treasure - Pinsa

Frasca is pioneering the traditional Roman Pinsa, which is the healthy alternative to pizza. Its pasta is hand-rolled and shaped from local, nutrient-rich and biodynamic flour. Sticking to tradition, the meat is cooked with wood and carbon in its grills, following regional recipes depending on the Italian territory. Ever evolving, Frasca’s beverage programme is deeply rooted in Italian tradition, giving contemporary appreciation for the classics, whilst smaller producers are still the focus.

Frasca has all three dimensions covered from service and food, to its Italian ambience. The most distinguishable character of Frasca, however, is its irresistible feeling of being at home.

Frasca’s food is based around wood-fire cooking, centuries-old proven Italian methods and premium ingredients.


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Jessica Wang
Director of Communications
The Middle House
Tel: +86 137 1780 2061
Email: jessicawwang@swirehotels.com

Ms. Rebecca Yu
Communications Manager
The Middle House
Tel: +86 123 4567 8910
Email: rebeccayu@swirehotels.com

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