12 Oct, 2022

Swire Hotels Promotes Mental Health Through Food in Partnership with Local Charity, Mind HK

To support mental health this October, all Swire Hotels restaurants in Hong Kong will be participating in the city’s first-ever Mental Health Restaurant Week

Hong Kong, 12 October 2022 – This October, all four restaurants under the Swire Hotels group in Hong Kong will be participating in Mind HK Mental Health Restaurant Week 2022, an initiative hosted by local mental health charity, Mind HK. This includes Salisterra, The Continental, FEAST (Food by EAST), and MR & MRS FOX, all of whom will be donating 8% of their Monday lunchtime proceeds to support the development of Mind HK’s iACT (Improving Access to Community Therapies) initiative. 

Swire Hotels has been an ongoing advocate within the diversity & inclusion space, working with partners such as Cookie Smiles to provide equal opportunities to people with disabilities. Through the EAST brand’s Ideas to Wake Up to speaker series, they also regularly host thought leaders in their spaces to encourage open discussion about these issues. 

In this latest partnership, Swire Hotels is supporting the city’s first-ever Mental Health Restaurant Week from 15 to 30 October 2022. Themed under “Food for Thought & Time to Talk”, the campaign sees some of Hong Kong’s favourite food and beverage destinations promote social connection and mental health awareness through food. All proceeds from the campaign will be donated to support Mind HK in providing complimentary or low-cost community-based mental health services for people in need. 

Mark Percy, EAST Hong Kong’s Director of Restaurant & Bar/Executive Chef and member of Swire Properties’ Male Allies comments, “Increasingly, we as a society need to realise that looking after our Mental Health is as important as looking after our physical health, if not more. At Swire Hotels, we strive to push this agenda forward, step by step, day by day, little by little. Our work at Male Allies with our parent company, Swire Properties, is a primary example of how we believe Diversity and Inclusion is no longer a catch-phrase, but an ever-important pillar to the way we work and live every day. We look forward to making a bigger difference with the help of Mind HK.” 

Not only will this initiative raise funds to finance low-cost mental health services, but is also aimed at bringing people closer together over food, creating a space for people to reconnect and show the importance of supporting our own and others’ mental health.  

Kristina Snaith-Lense, General Manager, The Upper House says, “We are delighted to take part in this initiative by donating proceeds and helping to remove the stigma surrounding these issues. Championing well-being and promoting a purposeful, healthy and rewarding lifestyle is an integral part of The House ethos, and creating connection through food is so close to our hearts. We are honoured to increase the presence of hospitality brands in this important space.” 

By collaborating with like-minded organizations such as Mind HK, Swire Hotels hopes to continue to advocate for mental health awareness, paving the way for a more inclusive future.  

Details about Mind HK Mental Health Restaurant Week 2022 
Date: 15 – 30 October 2022 
For participating restaurants and more information about the campaign, please visit the official website: www.mentalhealthrestaurantweek.com 

For more information, please contact:

Ms. Teresa Muk
Head of Brand & Communications
Swire Hotels
Tel: +852 2844 8998
Email: teresamuk@swirehotels.com

Ms. Jaime Chua
Assistant Director of Marketing
Swire Hotels
Tel: +852 2844 4068
Email: jaimechua@swirehotels.com 

Stephanie Shiu
Director of Marketing & Communications
The Upper House
Tel: +852 3968 1023
Email: stephanieshiu@swirehotels.com

Frances Mak
Head of Communications
EAST Hong Kong
Tel: +852 3968 3838
Email: francesmak@swirehotels.com

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