02 Jul, 2021

Celebrate the Traditions of Mid-Autumn with The House Collective’s First-Ever Artisanal Sustainable Mooncake Set

Hong Kong, July 2021 – This Mid-Autumn Festival, The House Collective is delighted to unveil its first-ever mooncake set in a modern sustainable packaging, available exclusively at The Opposite House in Beijing, The Temple House in Chengdu, The Middle House in Shanghai and The Upper House in Hong Kong. A treasured highlight of the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations, The House Collective mooncake set features eight delectable mini mooncakes of four enticing flavours, ranging from classic favourites to modern reinventions. 

A time of festivities and sharing, The House Collective has curated flavours to suit all palates. The delicious flavours for this season includes the Assorted Nuts Mini Mooncake with Dried Figs, a delicious medley of dried dates, apricots, cashews, almonds, cranberries and specially selected Turkish figs. Fragrant, crunchy and chewy, each baked skin mooncake highlights the natural flavour of top-quality ingredients. The Red Bean Paste Mini Mooncake with Mandarin Peel pairs the deep, earthy sweetness of red bean paste with the zesty mandarin orange peel for a match made in heaven. For guests looking for a guilt-free sweet treat, the Maltitol White Lotus Seed Paste Mini Mooncake with Yolk is an alternative to the classic White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake with Yolk. To round-off the box of delights, the Egg Custard Mini Mooncake features a light, smooth and sweet egg custard baked inside crispy golden pastry. A perennial favourite, the egg custard is a creamy alternative to the traditional rich flavours of mooncakes. 

Perfect for gifting, the mooncake set is crafted with care in a stylish, sustainable wooden box made with FSC-certified wood and using eco-friendly carpentry techniques that minimise waste, and the box features recycled paper mini boxes housing each individual mooncake. As part of Swire Hotels sustainable philosophy, the packaging is not only designed to look good, but is also practical for upcycling beyond the festive season. One can be creative and put it in good use by storing different items such as stationery, keepsakes, accessories and even toys.  

The House Collective mooncake set is available at HKD488. Pre-sale starts from 1 July 2021 with early bird and bulk purchase special offers available. 

To discover more, visit: https://www.thehousecollective.com/en/special-offers/the-house-collective-mooncake/ 


For more information, please contact:

Ms. Teresa Muk
Head of Brand & Communications
Swire Hotels
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Ms. Jaime Chua
Assistant Director of Marketing
Swire Hotels
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Regional Director of Communications - China
The Middle House, Shanghai
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