23 Nov, 2020

EAST Hong Kong Unveils the New Look of its Guest Rooms

(Hong Kong, 23 November 2020) After 10 years of continuous service to the community, the guest rooms at EAST Hong Kong are getting a timely and elegant upgrade, incorporating guests’ feedback over the years and chic modern trends. 

The concept of a contemporary lifestyle business hotel was entirely ground-breaking a decade ago, in the effort of combining comfort and efficiency with a sense of fun. Situated in the heart of Taikoo, the hotel is loved by both business travellers who seek a good work life balance and leisure voyagers who enjoy being close to the city’s heart, as well as enticing urban adventures. 

To ensure a seamless transition from the original look to the refreshed expression, the hotel has invited CL3 Architects Ltd – an award-winning and hotel’s original architecture and interior design studio to carry out the refurbishment, joining hands to curate and put forth an updated and unparallel stay experience. The makeup of 345 guest rooms and suites is set to be completed in 2021 Q2.

“We are very glad to be invited back for the room refurbishment of EAST Hong Kong after 10 years. EAST is a business lifestyle hotel concept originated from Hong Kong. Our vision was to create a contemporary and modern design to the guest rooms which suits the changing scene in the world of business and travel." said William Lim, Managing Director of CL3 Architects Ltd.

The refurbishment and design thinking behind are based on three core elements – eco-friendliness, user-friendliness and a sense of home, which crucially differentiate one’s impression of the new guest room to that of 10 years ago.  

With sustainability being the heart and soul of the vision for development at Swire Hotels, eco-friendliness comes first naturally, achieving our goals of growth while exerting minimal adverse impacts to the community and environment around us. From the selection of materials to the provision of bottled soap and filtered water for drinking, efforts to reserve and reduce energy can be seen easily. And with hopeful thinking, the well-thought-out design not only will it provide a taste of what it is like to live sustainably, but also inspire our guests to continue leading their lives being environmentally conscious. 

An open concept which addresses every functional need, using technology as a bridge, bringing the human touch to the experience forefront. From the newly designed wardrobe, the mini bar to the bed side experience, every detail was designed to commit a user-friendly stay to our guests. With a view of providing a playful, yet professional space for guests to work and recharge, the open plan, open wardrobe, window seating bench, movable furniture, etc, all aims to innovate and to provide flexibility for a modern business lifestyle.

A sense of home
A place where it all starts – From the choice of furnitures and fittings, the multicoloured notice board, the wardrobe with the coat hook, the mini bar and coffee machine, all of the amenity upgrade was carried out with the intention to create a homely ambience where guests can feel at ease and be themselves.

Adding a touch of artsy vibes and playfulness, EAST has commissioned Australian artist – Rowena Martinich to create an art piece which invites rays of energy and evokes interactive visual movements to the guest rooms. The piece – Incandescence, conveys the energy of incandescence, the emission of visible light by the sun, which matches perfectly with EAST’s brand voice – ‘EAST, where the sun rises, where every new day begins and its sense of uplifting warmth.’ 

The art piece imbues movement, radiance and white heat, with the colour orange which is EAST’s brand colour being the cornerstone of the work. The piece has been curated and enlarged in an artistic manner to become the headboard of our new guest rooms. Despite its visual vibrancy, the piece harmoniously activates the rooms which aspires to catch guest’s eyes instantaneously upon their arrival of the room. 

“This year marks the 10th anniversary of our hotel. With the facelift of our guest rooms and restaurants, EAST Hong Kong is staying true to its positioning statement - The business playground where bright ideas meet boundless energy. We hope our guests will be able to get inspired by our brand. Our team will continue to do our best to offer our guests a unique experience.” said Jennifer Cheung, General Manager of EAST Hong Kong.   


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