14 Jan, 2022

The Impact of Space: Miao Wang

Founder of In Shark We Trust, Miao Wang shares her favourite spaces and how they have shaped her lifetime passion in conserving the ocean.

By Miao Wang, Founder of In Shark We Trust

In Shark We Trust (ISWT) is the first premium sustainable swimwear brand with 100% net profit dedicated to shark and ocean conservation. A pioneer in fashion activism, Miao collaborated with The Middle House in 2020 and held an under-water exhibition, "Honor The Fins" at Mi Xun swimming pool to raise awareness on global shark finning.



What is space to you? 

Space to me is time in 3 dimensions. An inspiring place carries the weight of history and a story of its own. A space I love can be infinitely mine, and which makes me feel infinitely small — the first things I think about is the star studded sky then the ocean both of which gives me a cosmic view but personal at the same time. 2020 makes me cherish intimate space more than ever spiritually and physically, particularly in the context of intimate and meaningful relationships.


Tell us about a favourite private space. 

My bookshelf and my yoga mat, which each witnessed my growth and self-discovery in my head, my body, my heart. Curate my bookshelf by colors — in the sequence of a rainbow. And my yoga mat is pure simplicity, pure black, pure focus.


Tell us about your favourite public space.

The ocean shared by the world. It has humbled, inspired and shaped me to become the person I am, dedicating my lifetime passion to conserving and honoring everything it has in store for humanity. Since COVID I haven’t dived for nearly a year and half. Tried to make it up with other forms of domestic land travels but the withdrawal finally manifested itself in the complete off balance of my Yin and Yang, which affected my energy and emotions a great deal.


Tell us about a favourite space at one of our hotels.

Mi Xun pool. Where I hosted ISWT’s first of its kind underwater photo exhibition for shark conservation in 2020 - with unwavering trust from my friends as well as The Middle House, also with unconditional support and love from a long term boyfriend that I loved very much (we are no longer together). That summer from conceiving the idea to making it happen was among the best 2 months in my life, which taught me courage, what love is, and how far the wildest dream can take me — all encapsulated in the 5x25x1.5m body of water.

Looking up from the bottom of the Mi Xun pool, it is so beautiful. It makes me look forward to the world above and outside of it, knowing there will always be light.



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