30 Mar, 2019

UpClose at The Upper House

Every month, at The Upper House we host a series of renowned, inspiring people in our Sky Lounge to get personal with listeners.

Recently, we’ve had an array of cutting edge artists, advocates, designers and entrepreneurs.


Nick Knight

Nick Knight acclaimed British photographer is famous for his provocative, avant-garde visions when it comes to fashion photography. He has worked with designers the likes of John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, and Alexander McQueen. He came to the sky lounge to shed some light on his experience in the industry, his influences and the way he takes an idea and develops it into a showstopping campaign, bringing a new edge to the perception of the designs he shoots.


Marc Quinn

Marc Quinn contemporary artist, uses his craft to explore the human experience; our relationship with nature, the definition of identity and beauty and the compulsion of humans to transform and perfect their own. Quinn’s work has been exhibited in the Tate in London (UK), The Metropolitan Museum in New York, the Guggenheim in New York (USA), Stedijk Museum in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and the Centre Pompidou in Paris (France).


Paul Cocksedge

Park Cocksedge is a prolific and talented British designer. He has showcased numerous innovative works in the forms of installations and sculptures, architectural design projects, and miscellaneous passion projects. His works possess a signature simplicity in their design yet are draped in a whimsical wonder that feels both futuristic and acknowledging of the past. In our UpClose session, Paul discussed his biggest influences when creating his works and his conceptual and art making practice for his pieces, answering many questions about what is is like to work with some of the biggest brands in the world.


Pieter Hugo

Pieter Hugo, an artist best known for his portrait photography, flew in to Hong Kong for the weekend to chat with us about his adventures across Africa and Asia. Pieter is recognized for his experimental and stark shots of African natives and their evolving relationship with nature, polarized with portraits of Chinese youth, diving deep into the soul of the upcoming generation in Asia. Both series, among many others he has exhibited, provide a raw depiction of the beauty, confusion, sorrow and sordid experience in our world; complimented with extremely detailed and intensely engaging photographs.


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