13 Jan, 2021

"The Invisible Vein” at The Opposite House

The Opposite House is delighted to present a new art installation titled“The Invisible Vein” by artist Huang Yiwei.

Huang Yiwei’s inspiration comes from this time of great global turmoil where people who have long lived in a peaceful and hedonistic atmosphere are now experiencing more and more outbreaks of anomalies and much of what is known as "common sense" has been reassessed in the midst of violent upheavals. 

The Invisible Vein was created through slowly weaving the wires by hand, which visually expresses his feelings and thoughts on these contemporary issues. The wires symbolise blood vessels which the artist believes stems from the power of the Creator and traces back to the relationship between inorganic small molecules, organic macromolecules and biological macromolecules. 
At the same time, Huang Yiwei uses his art to delve into the spiritual dimension of human beings.

The body is not only the integration of blood, but also the container of cultural attainment. The touch of physical blood and spiritual context is reflected in Huang Yiwei's works of various shapes and colors. He has stripped away the vascular system from the inside and out of the living and has given blood to the natural or artificial inorganic substances out of nothing. No matter organic or inorganic matters, all have contemporary universal symbolic meaning. Therefore, these vines and vessels of different colors offers an opportunity for people to reflect on public issues in the current over-secularized context.


The Opposite House
Taikoo Li Sanlitun North, No. 11 Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China 100027
+86 10 6417 6688

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