14 Mar, 2019

Encounters Across Cultures: The House Collective Art Programme Is Here!

In March 2019, The House Collective debuts its first inaugural Art Programme ‘Encounters Across Cultures’, showing installations by esteemed Swiss artist, Katja Loher.

The 2019 exhibition ‘Seeds of Life’ begins on 22 March and runs through the four Houses, starting at The Opposite House in Beijing, The Upper House in Hong Kong in May, The Middle House in Shanghai in August and concluding at The Temple House in Chengdu in October 2019. The House Collective is known for its individuality and personalised engagement with its “seasoned travelers with a genuine passion for art and culture.” The Art Programme offers guests a unique art experience and an artistic perspective of the city that they stay in.

‘Encounters across Cultures: Seeds of Life’ celebrates each House’s connection with local and global cultures as well as individuality. The installation is inspired by Katja’s interactions with local artists and the Chinese five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water.

Katja’s artwork have been exhibited in Shanghai, Japan and Beijing, as well as all around Europe, she is very much influenced by her travels throughout Asia and her study of Eastern Culture.

“I try to free video from technology… I see art as a language, and technology is only something elementary.”

Katja’s videosculptures transform the medium of video art from a rigid, rectangular platform to free-flowing, organic shapes while incorporating human element into her artwork. The artist states that through her work, she wants to “stimulate dreams, experimentation, imagination and humour to reveal perspectives that we often lack in everyday life...” This is not only Katja’s first time filming on-site in China but also playing directly with Chinese character inspired choreography. 

“I want to stimulate dreams”

‘Encounters Across Cultures’ is an exciting new initiative and is the first of many to come. Be sure to come check out the final installations in their full form at any (or every!) one of our Houses.

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