06 Sep, 2019

Encounters Across Cultures: "Seeds of Life" at The Middle House

On the 5th of September, The House Collective’s Art Programme: Encounters Across Cultures: "Seeds of Life" made its third stop at The Middle House in Shanghai.

 Our feature Swiss artist Katja Loher continued to further explore the Chinese Five Elements - wood, fire, earth, metal and water, while collaborating with local creators at each House. For the programme’s third chapter, Katja collaborated with a new street fashion brand, Dirty Pineapple, to design a collection of limited-edition streetwear based on her artwork. This innovative collaboration bridged the mix of different cultures with art and fashion, which ties right back to the soul of Shanghai for being the fashion capital.


The Art X Fashion Show kick-started the opening party with five performers dressed in the collaboration clothing pieces. Guests were led to different spaces as the performers were performing through the House. The opening party was filled with performances, themed cocktails, food, laughter and joy.


At The Middle House, the installation was designed to be an art journey through the House. Starting with the Element Wood, videos were projected on the glass entrance-way that complement the bamboo grove outside. Continuing through the lobby, a majestic chandelier welcomes guests with Element Earth via ‘video-sculptures’ that seamlessly fuse a bird’s nest with technology, reflecting the complex balance between humans and nature. The House revolved around the Five Elements displayed in different abstract video projections.


 Encounters Across Cultures: "Seeds of Life" will mark its fourth and last chapter in Chengdu at The Temple House from 7 Nov, 2019 to 3 Jan, 2020. We look forward to seeing the grand finale of the closing chapter: Traditional Masters!


Click HERE for more information about Encounters Across Cultures!


The Middle House

No. 366 Shi Men Yi Road, Jing’an District, Shanghai 200041 

T: +86 21 3216 8199
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