17 Mar, 2021

Union Bar At The Opposite House, Beijing Introduces New Silk Road Inspired Cocktails

(Beijing, 17 March 2021) – The Opposite House’s modern-day salon and cocktail bar Union has launched volume two of its Silk Road inspired menu. With its selection of 13 innovative and expertly crafted cocktails, Union invites you to set free your inner adventurer.
For over a thousand years, the ancient Silk Road’s vast network of routes facilitated the exchange of ideas, customs, spices and goods. Traders were rewarded not only with the goods they acquired, but also with the rich experience of new traditions and languages. Travellers satiated their senses with exotic aromas and tastes as they connected with new civilizations. Union celebrates this convergence of cultures and flavours in its cocktails, drinks and food. 
The second volume of Union’s Silk Road inspired menu introduces eight new cocktails developed and curated by Union Operation Manager Harry Zhang alongside Proof & Company, the leading independent spirits company in Asia-Pacific and one of the world’s most awarded drink consultancies. The menu offers a refined experience through craft spirits, smoky spices and stimulating aromas. The eight cocktails represent China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Persia, Turkey and Italy respectively. 
“I’m thrilled to introduce these new Silk Road inspired cocktails,” says Olivier Dumonceaux, General Manager of The Opposite House. ”Each one of them is full of character and crafted to perfection. Explorers! Start your journey of discovery at Union.”

Emperor‘s Cup | East Asia, China
Sesame & Butter Washed Bourbon Whiskey, Vermouth Chinato, Coffee Liqueur, Bitters
This is a whiskey-based cocktail inspired by the classic Manhattan. Butter-washing of the bourbon lends a smooth and slightly savoury edge while sesame brings a warmth and spice that counterpoints the rich coffee and wine notes. A drink worthy of Beijing.

Golden Darius Sour
| Central Asia, Persia

Island White Rum, Pistachio, Turmeric, Honey, Peach Liqueur, Lime, Black Lemon Bitters, Egg White
Persia was situated at the centre of the Silk Road between Asia and Europe. Host to a constant flow of merchants and cultural exchanges, it adopted the flavours and cuisines of those who travelled through. Persian pistachios are still considered today as amongst the world’s finest, and turmeric and black lemon feature heavily in modern cooking. Taking inspiration from the exquisite Persian carpet, this drink is well balanced in acidity and sweetness with a light nutty flavour that showcases the finest of the region. 

Route to Kerala | South Asia, India
Oloroso Sherry, Vermouth Rosso, Xaymaca Dry Rum, Artisanal Orange Liqueur, Cardamom, Lemon, Mango Yoghurt Puree
Kerala has been a major spice trading hub dating back to 3000 BCE, with the ancient Babylonians, Egyptians and Phoenicians recording trade and travel in their histories. This cocktail presents a refreshing, invigorating taste that spotlights one of the area’s most prized ingredients throughout time, cardamom.

In addition to the cocktail list, Volume Two of the menu features two new, sophisticated non-alcoholic creations.

Sri Lanka Milk Punch uses soy milk, Sri Lankan black tea and non-alcoholic spirit Seedlip to create a one-of-a-kind milk punch with a vibrant citrus flavour. And highlighting the sweet and sour taste of Guangdong province’s waxberry, the Sober G&T has a sophisticated mouthfeel and fresh flavour profile from Seedlip Garden 108. 

Also at Union, our bi-monthly bar cart creation that connects the East, West and Maritime Silk Road. Every day between 5pm and 9pm, our bar team hits the floor to serve three twists on classic cocktails tableside. “Our bar cart menus explore the route’s three different regions,” explains Harry Zhang, Union Operations Manager. “Through these twists on classics, it allows us to further introduce the Silk Road concept and its routes, as well as create a sense of intimacy through our tableside service.”

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