26 Apr, 2022

Continuous Sustainable Development Initiatives at EAST Hong Kong

(Hong Kong, 22 April 2022) As part of Swire Hotels, EAST Hong Kong is whole-heartedly committed to Swire Properties’ SD 2030 vision and beyond to achieve in its long-term approach to sustainability. Sustainable development initiatives can be found from the inside out of the hotel and throughout the hotel guest experience.

EAST Hong Kong focuses on three main areas - water conservation, energy conservation and waste management. By 2025, the property targets to reduce water intensity by 6% and cut down on electricity usage per guest night by 21% compared to the baseline in 2018 as well as to achieve a waste diversion rate of 52%.

The hotel is designed to provide exceptional service with sustainability efforts and style. The floor-to-ceiling windows in the restaurants and bar in the premises as well as in guest rooms are thoughtfully installed to improve energy efficiency by providing plenty of natural lighting and instantly give the space the feeling of open, airy elegance. Since 2019, The hotel has been awarded an Excellent Class in the IAQ Certification Scheme set up by Environmental Protection Department for achieving satisfactory indoor air quality to provide a safe and healthy environment.

Restaurants and Bars

The bustling eatery, FEAST (Food by EAST) located on 1/F of EAST Hong Kong was awarded with a Three Leaf rating from Swire Properties Green Kitchen Initiative in 2020, for its efficient and environmentally friendly way of operations, giving guests a greener dining option to lead a sustainable lifestyle.

Various features have been equipped in the kitchen and restaurant to ensure maximum energy, water, fume exhaust and purifying efficiency, including:

  1. Build–in induction cooker to maximise energy transfer efficiency
  2. Water tap flow rate restrictor to minimise water waste
  3. Variable speed control for kitchen exhaust fan and fresh air supply with air pollution control approved by the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department
  4. Heat recovery function of the gas cooking stoves and electric conveyor dish washer channels the hot air back into the water circuit as a source of energy, which helps to achieve significant energy and cost savings
  5. Power analyser to monitor the electricity consumptions of the kitchen’s lighting, power sockets and equipment to evaluate the level of energy efficiency
  6. LED lighting to conserve energy and lower greenhouse emissions

Both FEAST and Domain, the café and co-working space, feature contactless ordering service to provide a seamless dining experience while engaging guests in the sustainable experience. Other than using technologies to support sustainable development, initiatives such as replacing plastic products with recyclable paper bags, paper-wrapped butter and the introduction of the eco-takeaway cup - Huskee cup, are also adopted in the property as it is believed that sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run.

As the demand for takeaway orders surges, FEAST, Domain and MR & MRS FOX, the restaurant located on the ground floor of EAST Residences, have been providing delicious, freshly prepared gourmet in biodegradable packaging for guests to enjoy anytime and anywhere in an eco-friendly way. To encourage a more sustainable lifestyle, FEAST has joined ‘Water for Free’, a project of Go Green Hong Kong to reduce environmental damage caused by plastic bottles, by contributing drinking water source to serve the public.

All restaurants and bars in the hotel, including FEAST, Domain, Sugar, the rooftop bar and lounge, and MR & MRS FOX encourage sustainable food consumption by providing eco-friendly dining concepts. The outlets use cage-free eggs in their recipes to support animal rights, the concept of treating animals raised for food with care and appreciation as well as avoiding the use of endangered species as ingredients like bluefin tuna; plant-based dishes are also available for guests who wish to enjoy a greener meal. FEAST and MR & MRS FOX are also actively involved in the ‘Save Our Shells’ programme launched by The Nature Conservancy, to repurpose discarded oyster shells into substrate for new, living reefs, which serve as habitats for marine life and as natural filter feeders that improve local water quality.

Introducing ‘Bao Beer’, the locally brewed sustainable craft beer, the hotel has also shown its creativity to lessen the environmental impact caused. It uses surplus bread from Domain as its main ingredient to help improving the beer’s flavour profile and minimising food waste at the same time.

Back of House

Behind the restaurants and bars, EAST Hong Kong continues to create a sophisticated waste sorting and collection system in the kitchen. Food waste recycling machine ‘ORCA’ is equipped to decompose food waste into a liquid form that can be released to the drainage, which help to save waste from going to the landfills. Individual recycling bins are also featured to separate plastic, aluminium, glass and coffee ground. Used coffee ground will be collected and served its second purpose as a wonderful fertilizer used by the in-house gardener. In collaboration with Champway Technology Limited, the only company that possesses recyclable waste cooking oil in Hong Kong, used cooking oil from EAST Hong Kong is recycled into biodiesel to relieve energy crisis.

The hotel has been participating in various local recycling programmes to reduce waste disposal and ensure that the used materials generated are managed in an environmentally friendly way, for example, unwanted bath rugs and bedding are donated to non-governmental organisations like Hong Kong Dog Rescue. The hotel also contributed enthusiastically towards the Producer Responsibility Schemes on Glass Beverage Containers to reduce waste disposal and ensure that the glass containers generated are managed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

Guest Experience & Rooms

With sustainability being the heart and soul, EAST Hong Kong inspires guests to stay environmentally conscious in their everyday lifestyle. From check-in/check-out experience, guest room to public areas, efforts to reserve and reduce energy can be easily seen-

Avoid excessive use of paper and minimise waste

  • Paperless check-in and check-out experience
  • Contactless ordering service is available in guest rooms for guests to request for room service or order in-room dining by scanning the QR code with their mobile device

Avoid single-use toiletries and plastic

  • Drinking water filter tap is installed in guest rooms. Guests can drink water directly from the tap to avoid bottled water.
  • Recyclable dispensers are used for body care products.
  • Bamboo bathroom amenities are available on request.
  • Reusable shopping bag, paper hangers, canvas laundry bag and courtesy slippers are provided as some greener alternatives.
  • Water dispenser and stainless-steel cups are available at BEAST (Body by EAST), the 24 hours gym, for guests to stay hydrated as they work out. They are also encouraged to rent bikes on a complimentary basis to discover parks, trails and green spaces in Hong Kong.

Minimise use of water and energy

  • An acrylic plate is placed in every room to provide guests with a choice of fresh linens or towels upon request. Guest can simply place the plate on their bed if they would like to have the bed linen changed.
  • Flow controllers are fitted onto water taps and showers in guest rooms. After the installation, the hotel is estimated to save 1,040 litres of water daily on average.
  • Lighting will be automatically switched off when the room is unoccupied and room temperature is maintained at a designated level.
  • Dimming systems are used at the lobby and restaurants to provide adequate lighting level with less power consumption.
  • Motions sensor installation at BEAST is activated from 11pm – 6am daily. During this time, the lighting and TV will be switched off automatically after 10 minutes if the gym room is unoccupied.
  • The hotel has been participating in the Charter on External Light organised by Environment Bureau of The HKSAR Government. The external lighting of decorative purpose which affect outdoor environment will be switched off daily from 10:45pm to 5:30pm on the next day to save energy and the environment.

Past Christmas Decorations

  • Every Christmas since 2014, EAST Hong Kong decorates the hotel lobby and restaurants with eco-friendly festive decorations made with unwanted materials e.g. wine boxes, plastic caps, wine corks, wine bottles etc., from the restaurants.
  • In 2018, the hotel team collected fallen logs from Typhoon Mangkhut and turned them into Christmas decorations with the help from Jockey Club Sarah Roe School students – the only school in Hong Kong to deliver an English curriculum to students with additional learning needs.

Managed by EAST Hong Kong, EAST Residences located in Quarry Bay also accounts for sustainability as part of the guest experience with similar approaches as EAST Hong Kong, such as the achievement of an Excellent Class in the IAQ Certification Scheme, installations of in-room filtered water dispenser and showerhead flow controller, use of sustainable bathroom amenities and recycling of plastic, aluminium, glass, coffee ground and bath linens. 

About EAST Hong Kong

EAST Hong Kong is a stylishly designed lifestyle hotel that offers 331 guest rooms, including 6 suites. The hotel boasts a bustling eatery FEAST (Food by EAST) that features international cuisine with fresh flavours; Domain, a café and co-working space which serves freshly baked pastries and handcrafted coffees; an award-winning rooftop bar Sugar, offering signature cocktails; BEAST (Body by EAST), our fitness centre featuring a 24-hour gym and swimming pool.

Managed by EAST Hong Kong, EAST Residences is our serviced apartments offering 106 studios, one or two-bedroom suites and penthouses, fully equipped with kitchen, laundry facilities, guest lounge, 24-hour gym and access to the hotel’s pool. MR & MRS FOX, the neighbourhood restaurant on the ground floor, offers a variety of surprises to feed guests’ senses featuring tantalising European delicacies and hand-crafted cocktails.

Both located in the heart of Hong Kong Island East, EAST Hong Kong and EAST Residences are within a 10-minute walk away from each other and easily accessible from key transport links.

About EAST

EAST by Swire Hotels are lifestyle hotels located in Hong Kong, Beijing and Miami where bright ideas meet boundless energy. Whether guests are travelling for work or pleasure, there’s a real emphasis on working playfully and playing productively at EAST. From bustling cafes, lively neighbourhood restaurants, slinky outdoor decks, big, buzzing workspaces, to quietly calming bedrooms, EAST gives guests their very own volume controller. Our locations in key commercial and lifestyle districts means EAST brings all the cities’ happenings right to our guests.

For more information, please contact: 

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Email: francesmak@swirehotels.com

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Assistant Communications Manager
EAST Hong Kong
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