05 Sep, 2019

EAST Hong Kong Embraces Sustainability for a Better Future

Hong Kong, 4 September 2019 – Sustainability has always been one of EAST Hong Kong’s core values and driving forces. Reducing waste and cutting down carbon footprint has never been as imperative as ever; effective initiatives and measures are needed in a timely manner. In the light of this, numerous courses of action have taken place in the hotel to reduce the consumption of plastic and to offer a more environmentally friendly experience for guests.

To minimise the use of single-use plastics, EAST is installing in-room water filters which purify local water on site, so guests can enjoy drinking water from the tap, creating a more convenient and pleasant experience for all. By implementing this, we will reduce around 180k bottles of water at cost HK$330k per year. Furthermore, EAST has joined “Water for Free,” an NGO advocates in promoting the use of water dispenser to reduce wastage at source. Drinking water will be provided at FEAST (Food by EAST) for the public who bring their own water bottle, promoting plastic-free lifestyle.

Sustainability is truly a lifestyle woven in detail. EAST is committed to use cage-free eggs to support animal rights, the concept of treating animals raised for food with care and appreciation. In support of reducing carbon footprint from livestock, FEAST has included an array of plant-based dishes for guests who wish to enjoy a greener meal, delectable choices include Beyond Burger which is made with soy-based patty and dairy-free cheese as well as Green Risotto cook with green peas and basil pesto. The kitchen team has also selected packaged products like paper wrapped butter to eliminate aluminium and plastic waste.

EAST endeavours to take every possible step towards a more sustainable future. Currently, 80% of the hotel products are reusable or recyclable to combat plastic and food wastage. “We are building a team with greater awareness of the environment here at EAST. We aim to create a space where we could influence our guests and team members to make more responsible choices to nature.” said Jennifer Cheung, General Manager of EAST Hong Kong.


For more information, please contact:

EAST Hong Kong

Head of Communications
Frances Mak
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Assistant Communications Manager
Selina Tang
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Communications Executive
Tony Lee
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