06 Aug, 2021

EAST Hong Kong presents Art at EAST: City Symphony

(Hong Kong, 6 August 2021) – Inspired by the passion for creativity, community and urbanism of EAST, ‘Art at EAST’ is EAST’s art programme that explores questions of urban living and sustainability through artistic expression. This year, EAST Hong Kong launches an interactive exhibition entitled City Symphony, providing guests an opportunity to explore the Taikoo neighbourhood through an art installation comprised of sounds and imaginative sculptures.

Urbanites surrounded by the hustle and bustle often become too familiar with their daily living environment, tuning out and becoming inattentive to their surrounding sounds. City Symphony is an art installation inspired by sounds recorded around the neighbourhood that reveal the city’s underscoring identity. Joining hands with interactive design & tech studio The Collective, independent music producer Edmund Leung, eco-design studio KaCaMa Design Lab and woodwork artists Screw Up Studio, EAST Hong Kong introduces five ‘sound monsters’ - Doggy, a visual and audible imitation of artist and sculptor Anne Ross’ ‘The Meeting’, which features three life-sized animal sculptures and is on display at Taikoo Park; Waterfall Spider, the sound sculpture that plays sounds of the waterfall at the main entrance of EAST Hong Kong; Mr. Bench, the monster inspired by the sounds made from the benches that can be found across the neighbourhood; The Rotator, the sculpture based on the exercise machines at Taikoo Park; and Lady Wild Card¸which plays a collection of sounds coming from different elements in the Taikoo neighbourhood. Guests can interact with the five sculptures by activating the sound monsters individually to hear each unique sound or by engaging all the ‘sound monsters’ together to compose a full City Symphony. 

The exhibition is open to the public from 5 August to 29 September at the lobby of EAST Hong Kong.


About The Collective
The Collective is a cross-discipline design & technology studio, which creates digital and living art forms, ranging from installation to stage performance. Merging art and technology, their works combine varying disciplines including lighting, animation, interaction design, and sculpture. Their approach puts human experience at the centre of technological development, with a strong visual impact and unique bespoke technologies created in-house.

About Edmund Leung
Founder of The Interzone Collective, Edmund is known for mix traditional and newly invented musical instruments to create music that combines old and new. He writes songs for some of Hong Kong’s most popular singers before moving to lead the local independent music scene and creates his own music and acting as producer for many independent groups. 

About KaCaMa Design Lab
KaCaMa Design Lab excels in sustainable design and exploration of new design strategies that foster positive community and environmental values. They carry out novel product and service design through community driven intervention, brand building, event curation and projects for enabling cultural development. In recent years, they established certain numbers of community cooperation programmes and projects for the enhancement of local public space in which meaningful interaction between diversified communities and environmental issues are addressed.

For more information, please contact: 

Frances Mak
Head of Communications
EAST Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3968 3838
Email: francesmak@swirehotels.com

Selina Tang
Assistant Communications Manager
EAST Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 3968 3839
Email: selinatang@swirehotels.com

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