13 Dec, 2021

The Impact of Space: Maxime Dautresme

Founder and Creative Director of brand and design consultancy agency A Work of Substance, Maxime Dautresme, shares spaces that are special to him and how they influence his work.


By Maxime Dautresme, Founder and Director of A Work of Substance

Maxime Dautresme is the Founder and Creative Director of A Work of Substance, a Hong Kong-based multi-disciplinary brand and design consultancy agency, now with a presence in Paris and Stockholm. From branding to interiors, Maxime creates contexts for imaginative ideas, underpinned by an emotionally satisfying narrative. He has worked closely with us on the branding of Salisterra, the new Mediterranean dining concept on Level 49 at The Upper House. 



What is space to you? 

Space is where life resonates. As a designer, the quintessential exercise of conveying an atmosphere is through the creation of light and shadow, balancing both to reveal a space.


Tell us about a favourite private space. 

The masters of the art of layering are the Japanese with their garden courtyards. In particular the Yoshikawa Inn Ryokan that is a stone’s throw away from the Kamo River and is built around as the Ema forest. With a master plan that reflects the sacred spirit of the land, the building’s architecture is composed of screens that unveils a garden designed by the legendary landscaper Kobori Enshu in the Edo period. The harmony that envelops both the building and the garden creates a deep resonance of authenticity and meaning that transcends history.




Tell us about your favourite public space.

The Copacabana beachfront in Rio de Janeiro. This is where miles of lush Brazilian tropical rainforest cloak the coast and the chaos of the architecture and Burle Marx beachfront hardscape becomes an invitation to play.


Tell us about a favourite space at one of our hotels.

The bathroom in The Upper House with its calmness makes it an idyllic place for simple rituals, especially with the restless backdrop of Hong Kong juxtaposed with the serenity of the interior, making it a refuge that nourishes the soul.

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