03 Apr, 2018

The Temple House Inaugurates Urban Art “Astromantic” by Contemporary Urban Artist Fansack

(Chengdu, 02 April 2018) –The Temple House is proud to present “Astromantic” by Contemporary Urban Artist Fansack starting from April 5th. This urban art project is focused on the theme of astronaut and space, as a unique way to showcase human curiosity with scientific discoveries and meaning of life. Fansack seeks to connect The Temple House public spaces with his own artistic expressions and audaciously articulates the interdisciplinary art forms and the possibility of dimension and space.
Fansack started his art career in 2003. He went to France to learn art plastique in 2008. He graduated from university Aix-Marseille 1 (graduate of Licence Arts plastiques). He currently works and lives in Paris. In his artwork, Fansack integrates the eastern traditional paintings with urban contemporary street art. The artist extracts different elements from nature, as well as various symbolic icons in eastern culture and society. Then he juxtaposes them with his own imagination representing a world of Zen and chaos.
Fansack’s works are based on the oriental culture, and the themes of works are about human nature, oriental religion, philosophy, ideology and black humour. In Fansack’s perspective, astronaut indicates the vertex of science and technology. It depicts human desire and need to discover the unknown. From 1957 to 1975, space race between the United States and the Soviet Union is the power battle of two powerful nations. Even until today, space technology is still considered to be an essential part of national military advantage.  When an astronaut leaves earth, he or she is facing a dramatic change both externally and internally. This can be considered as a practice of being, many emotions and thoughts are provoked during this process. Within this process, we can experience a sense of desire to communicate with the universe, but also the understanding of insignificance of human existence. In recent year, astronaut is also associated with many subcultures, techno music, which has given it more meaning and appreciations.
Fansack’s urban art will be part of a cultural hub that comprises The Temple House, Daci Temple and Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li complex. Attracting an international, sophisticated crowd, the exhibition showcases the multinational nature of the district as well as the emphasis on history and culture.
Via this collaboration with Fansack, The Temple House desires to deepen its connection with the community. This astronaut symbolizes The Temple House’s intention to keep exploring this city, and deepen its relationship with this land and its citizens.

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