22 Nov, 2018

The Opposite House Collaborates With Spanish Street Artist gerGA Presenting An Abstract Urban Art Piece

Beijing, 21 November 2018 – The Opposite House is excited to collaborate with Spanish street artist gerGA presenting his distinct urban art piece at the property. Through a 20 meter mural, gerGA shows his emotional conflict and inspiration which Beijing brought to him.

“I was born with the first generation of freedom in Spain. I grew up in a paradise island of never-ending sun on a tourist city of new created concrete without soul. I learnt to design big objects in Madrid and Barcelona. I was working for some years in the creative colorful streets of Berlin. Now, in Beijing, I challenge myself to create pocket cities, balancing between different aesthetics and spontaneous energy of the city, creating design without any preconceived goal. They are like organisms moving so quickly till they lose the energy that generates them and become static.” said gerGA.

As an architect and designer, gerGA is always fascinated about urban situations, high density spaces, large metropolitan areas and super crowded places with that, he tries to combine all these elements into an aggressive minimal representation of an abstract urban area. 

 Parallel to his work as an architect in large-scale projects in China, he has been developing an art concept inspired on urban densities, and exploring how to represent them in real architectural spaces creating large scale mural paintings. His work for The Opposite House is a spray painted spontaneous creation inspired by the multiple situations that we can daily experience on a metropolis like Beijing. 

For more information, please contact guestexperience@theoppsitehouse.com  or +86(10) 6417-6688

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The Opposite House
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