03 Jul, 2024

EAST Hotels Debuts a Progressive Rebrand that Embraces an Alternative to Luxury

MIAMI, FL — June 13, 2024 – EAST Hotels has undergone a progressive rebrand to meet the needs and lifestyle of today’s younger global travelers who have moved away from the accepted traditions of luxury. Based on findings from its brand study, EAST is debuting an alternative to luxury travel for today’s and future travelers.

EAST’s new brand positioning, Alt Luxury, embraces the mindset of today’s purpose- and value-driven consumers. Being forward-thinking and inclusive allows for a lifestyle that encompasses more than luxury.

“What the new generation of travelers aspire to now is not necessarily the trappings of old-school luxury and the notion of service revolving around anticipating every need,” said Dean Winter, Managing Director of Swire Hotels.  “They want to feel truly at ease and to be welcomed, not judged,” he added.  “They tread a bit more lightly on the planet.  They don’t want extravagance.”

The hotel team members are a crucial part of the experience.  They see the staff as contributing to a warm, relaxed experience and an all-important sense of community.  They bring the human touch and point travelers towards more authentic experiences while providing an understanding of what’s happening in the city.

They are drawn to sensual simplicity–well-crafted necessities over unnecessary abundance.  Furthermore, they believe that sustainability solutions and their definition of luxury can co-exist.

At the core of EAST’s Alt Luxury are six transformative pillars that speak to today’s luxury pioneers, namely:

  1. Culture of Equality: Treat people as equals and celebrate each person’s individuality.
  2. Place of Inclusion:Bring EAST hotels and culture to cities and places underserved by hotels, then become part of the neighborhood.
  3. Fitness Support:Rethink Hotel Fitness so that it revolves around supporting the fitness programs that most guests already have.
  4. Wellness Support:Recognize that wellness is individual to the person and includes food, nutrition, sleep, socializing, and art, as well as exercise and stress relief.
  5. Real Solutions for Our Planet:Push the brand and the hotels to find better ways to care for our planet.No greenwashing here.Community of Alternative Thinkers:Connect alternative-thinking guests, encouraging the sharing of ideas.


Alternative Thinkers

With Alt Luxury, EAST targets a growing population of entrepreneurially minded and creative younger consumers whom EAST sees as Alternative Thinkers.  They are curious and open. This is a burgeoning group of global cohorts who make their own choices, are sustainability-conscious, and value relationships.

EAST hotels (currently in Miami, Hong Kong, and Beijing, and more to come) will collaborate with Alternative Thinkers – including guests, partners, local innovators, and EAST team members -- to create ongoing programming and innovations around the Alt Luxury pillars.  These activations will include music events, popups, installations, artist collaborations, talks, running clubs, sustainable initiatives, and more. They will offer opportunities for authentic connection and a deeper understanding of the destination for international travelers.

EAST is launching Alt Luxury with content – online, social, and video -- with four Alternative Thinkers to be followed by others in the future.  The current four are:

  • Luke Casey, a filmmaker and image creator who presents alternative stories in his work
  • Olivia Cotes-James, a business innovator and entrepreneur who is challenging norms to close the health gender gap
  • Sonic Lam, a fashion designer who crafts pieces from upcycled fabrics
  • R.I.D.D.E.M., a music band that creates dialogue-like music experiences


New Logo

The Alt Luxury pillars are visualized in the new logo, which moves away from the old logo (which included a dash of orange that symbolized a playful and energetic aesthetic) to a sophisticated, refined, all-black logo with a relaxed circle that connotes simplicity, openness, and connectivity.  The new logo also expresses EAST’s family ties to its sister brand, The House Collective.


Arrive at a Different Place: June 12th Launch Event at EAST Miami 

EAST debuted its evolution to Alt Luxury with a dynamic celebration on June 12 at EAST Miami.   Themed Arrive at a Different Place, the evening told the story of DANI, an artist who leaves home to make her dreams come true in Miami. 

Guests were led on an immersive performance experience as they followed DANI’s story of self-discovery, which brought her to a different place where she expanded her creativity to prioritize curiosity and collectivity. Along the way, they were treated to dazzling and sensory dance, circus art, and in-room theatre, as well as vibrant sounds and flavors inspired by EAST’s global brand, which spans Miami, Hong Kong, and Beijing.

Arrive at a Different Place captures what it means to change mentally and emotionally when one physically arrives at a different place. It is a mindset and way of thinking that captures the spirit of questioning the status quo and imagining better alternatives.

“June 12 was more than a brand relaunch party,” said Winter. “It was a passage through the pillars of our hotel – a journey to the heart of what it means to Arrive at a Different Place,” he added. “All evening, guests were invited into the transformation process.”


“The EAST rebrand also heralds EAST's global expansion, with new locations to be announced,” said Winter.




About EAST

EAST’s unique take on hospitality is designed for the curious, creative, and sustainability-minded. Like our guests, we're always seeking better ways to live, work, dine, and play—that's why we blend thoughtful design with an informally impeccable approach to hospitality. EAST offers alternative thinkers a place in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Miami to gather, connect, and collectively envision new possibilities.


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