18 Jun, 2021

The House Collective Presents the "Chefs Story"

18 June 2021 - This June, Chefs Tony Ye from The Middle House, Li Dong from The Opposite House, and Tony Xu from The Temple House have joined together to create the ‘Chefs Story’, a journey through their hometowns, favourite childhood memories and what inspired them to first fall in love with cooking. Reflecting each chef's personal cooking style, the ‘Chefs Story’ is told through a limited time menu, offering an exploration of traditional flavours and ingredients, showcasing their reinventions of classic regional dishes from each of their hometowns. 

After knowing each other for so long, both professionally and personally, the chefs thought it only fitting they come together to create a menu that embodies dishes with special meanings to each of them. With different culinary styles and passions in one menu, ‘Chefs Story’ aims to celebrate The House Collective’s characterful properties, honouring the individuality at the heart of each House and their Chefs.

The Middle House, Shanghai - Tony Ye, Head Chef at Sui Tang Li 
Growing up on the coast near Shanghai, a city that has always welcomed culinary influences from around the world, Tony Ye developed an experimental cooking approach from an early age, always seeking new inspiration for his culinary passions. Notably, his mother who has a great impact on his joy for cooking and who plays a big part in his Chef Story. In this menu, he has developed a Braised Iberian Pork & Cherry, Sweet Soy & Italian Balsamic Vinegar Sauce, which is a take on his mother’s delicious “Tangcu” sweet and sour pork ribs, a dish which reminds him of childhood memories and remains one of his favourites to this day.  

Tony has also created a new dessert, indulging his sweet tooth and love of interesting flavour combinations, ultimately creating a Baked Apple Pie with Avocado Ice Cream, Green Pepper & Salt. He loved eating apples as a child so this dish brings him back to the simpler times when many families could only eat the local fruits of the season, and apples were among the most accessible.

The Opposite House, Beijing - Li Dong, Executive Chef de Cuisine at Jing Yaa Tang
Michelin-starred Li Dong Chefs Story began growing up in one of Beijing’s famed Hutongs. The Cold Appetiser Platter in the menu is a dish reminiscent of his childhood and reflects Beijing’s rich history and culture. The Deep Fried Pork Ball with Prawn Stock is his take on a traditional Beijing snack he enjoyed as a child along with the Hawthorn Roll with Crab Meat which remains one of his favourites. His memories as a child are filled with the aroma from his Manchurian grandmother’s almond dew and so, as an ode to her, he was inspired to create Mashed Broad Beans with Almond Tofu and 5J Ham. 

For his main dish, Li Dong has developed a modern approach to the Chinese classic Peking Duck, incorporating Jing Yaa Tang's homemade plum sauce, with Crispy Black Sesame Deep Fried Duck on Beijing Pancake. 

The Temple House, Chengdu - Tony Xu, Executive Sous Chef at Mi Xun Teahouse
Sichuan local Tony Xu became fascinated with food as a young child watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and other cartoons of western chefs with tall hats cooking pasta and other intriguing western dishes. After years training in western cuisine, he uses these techniques in the vegetarian Sichuan dishes of Mi Xun Teahouse as, for him, cooking has no borders. 

While Tony was studying at the Sichuan School of Cuisine, one teacher in particular inspired him to become the chef he is today. Instead of learning the steps to make a dish, she taught him the importance of critical thinking and following your own instinct, which remain important values in his cooking. Tony is constantly striving to find the perfect balance between spice and other Sichuan flavours in his creative dishes.

In this menu, he has created a new twist on his favourite classic Sichuan Dandan noodles, allowing guests to use their own instincts through experimenting and customising the flavours and spices to their personal tastes. The noodles are then served with a nourishing consommé soup bringing together traditional ingredients from the Yunnan mountains.

The Chefs Story Menu 
Together, these three unique chefs hope the guests of The Middle House, The Opposite House and The Temple House will be inspired by the coming together of distinct Chinese cooking styles, flavours and tastes in new creative ways. ‘Chefs Story’ is a collaboration embracing and celebrating our differences and will contribute another chapter in The House Collective story. 

Follow the journey of the chefs through a three-episode film series debuting on The House Collective website and social media. Travel back in time as each chef tells the story of how their childhood and home cities inspired them. Get a glimpse into each region’s local ingredients; and see how they integrate these inspirations into the special menu at the Houses. 

To celebrate the culinary launch, Chef Tony Ye, Chef Li Dong and Chef Tony Xu will cook together at each House. The first stop of this roadshow will be The Middle House, where the new menu will be unveiled to media and VIP guests on 17th June, followed by The Opposite House on 22nd June and The Temple House on 25th June.  

The Chefs Story Menu
Presented by The House Collective

Cold Appetiser Platter | Jing Yaa Tang 
Deep Fried Pork Ball with Prawn Stock
Mashed Broad Beans with Almond Tofu and 5J Ham
Stewed Lamb Terrine with Soy and Vinegar Sauce 
Hawthorn Roll with Crab Meat

Truffle & Ginkgo Nuts Soup | Mi Xun Teahouse 

Crispy Black Sesame Deep Fried Duck on Beijing Pancake | Jing Yaa Tang 

Braised Iberian Pork & Cherry, Sweet Soy & Italian Balsamic Vinegar Sauce | Sui Tang Li 

Handmade Spinach Noodles with Dandan Sauce | Mi Xun Teahouse 

Baked Apple Pie, Avocado Ice Cream, Green Pepper & Salt | Sui Tang Li 


The Chefs Story Menu will be available for guests to book at RMB588 per person:  

  • Sui Tang Li | The Middle House: 19th June - 15th August 2021
  • Jing Yaa Tang | The Opposite House: 24th June - 15th August 2021
  • Bitiege | The Temple House:  26th June - 27th June 2021

Guests can dine and stay to enjoy exclusive offers at our Houses and experience this first-time collaboration menu created by The House Collective’s three Chinese chefs. For more information about the collaboration and special room packages, visit: https://www.thehousecollective.com/en/experiences/chefs-story/ 


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