18 May, 2021

The House Collective collaborates with Bamford on new sustainability initiative: changing from plastic to aluminium amenities

Hong Kong, May 2021 – The House Collective by Swire Hotels is excited to announce its switch in in-room amenities from plastic bottles to aluminium tubes. This change is a step towards aligning with Swire Hotels’ new sustainability development vision as the group strives to not only reduce its impact on the environment, but to actively work with like-minded partners to help achieve its vision. 

At Swire Hotels, we understand that we have the power to effect change in our communities through our decisions and actions. In order to manifest this change, we start from the core of who we are - our people. What we envision is creating a healthy ecosystem of people who embody our values, are concerned about our impact on the environment and have the passion to always grow, inspire and innovate. One of the ways we do that is by working with and sourcing from like-minded partners, ones who share and support our conscientious efforts in finding ways, both big and small, to lessen the burden on our environment. This way, we can continue delivering wonderful experiences for now, and for many years to come.

Since 2018, The House Collective has been partnering with British wellness brand Bamford to supply its in-room amenities which were originally designed to utilize plastic packaging. Aligned with the group’s goal to minimise the use of plastic, Bamford has proactively found an alternative to bottling their shampoos, conditioners, body wash and lotions by replacing plastic with aluminium. The aluminium tubes serve as a positive sustainable solution as they are not only 100% recyclable but are also tamperproof and hygienic as well. Opting for the tubes significantly reduces the use of plastic, leaving only the cap to be composed of PP material, which is recyclable. Overall, the switch in materials will reduce the amount of plastic consumption by over 3000kg.

The new Bamford aluminium amenities will slowly be rolled out at each House within the next few months starting with The Upper House in March, The Middle House in June and The Temple House and The Opposite House in July.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Teresa Muk
Head of Brand & Communications
Swire Hotels
Tel: +852 2844 8998

Ms. Jaime Chua
Assistant Director of Marketing
Swire Hotels
Tel: +852 2844 4068
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