16 Jun, 2023

EAST Beijing in Collaborating with herbeast to Presents an Eastern Formula for a Sustainable Sojourn

Beijing, 16 June 2023 –  a sojourn is the synonym of something new that escape from every day, a change in living environment, a peek into local life. How to make full use of your time while being a responsible traveler? This summer, in collaborating with a local healing skincare brand herbeast, we offer you a oriental formula for a sustainable sojourn. 

EAST Beijing has always been active with its modern and natural design and fashionable atmosphere, and its relaxing space brings vitality to travelers* stay. This time, together with a Shanghai based sustainable beauty and lifestyle brand berkeast, using oriental herbs as the lead and present a different lifestyle approach to the travelers in EAST.

EAST PLAZA - check out the suggestions for a sustainable sojourn
Hotel lobby is like a plaza, providing a place for travelers to connect and create more brilliant ideas. Eollowed the sustainable path that the brand have explored, Merleast using the structure of corrugated panels to create a unique "EAST PLAZA" for hotel guests to read, engage and feel.

EAST MARKET - bring a pack of "long-term" pleasure from here
As the first independent offline retail pop-up store in Beijing, guests can experience the brand's full range of products at Domain on the 2nd floor of hotel during this summer and learn more about herbeast's sustainable skincare from the original raw ingredients, scientific research and development, and the packaging design. Guests can also enjoy the special discount price for purchasing the products here and the free gifts. Guests from EAST are also encouraged to use a unneeded book to exchange herbeast's 3rd publication "The Healer, learning the story behind the people who were involved in the "restoration" of villages, ecologies, and communities. Some of the exchanged book will be donated to the central elementary school in Tasheng, Visi Lisu Autonomous County, Diging Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. And the rest will be used to build a village library here in the future.

Meanwhile, chef Danny and chef Helen from Domain have created a special menu with 4 dishes, 1 dessert and 2 drinks which inspired by the Yunnan seasonal flaveur such as highland barley, rose, pine mushroom and more, bringing the taste of the highlands to the city. The menu will be available all day long in Domain a la carte menu until 15 August.

EAST ENERGITIC - embrace and energize your body through yoga
Enjoy the pleasure of exercise and explore healthy and beauty between workout in BEAST, you can also enjoy the stretch and release the tension during the session on customized cork yoga mat, while berbeast will offer you a relaxing post-workout skincare experience here.

EAST CURE - an eastern formula to accompany your well sleep
A good sleep calms the mind and body of the traveler. Your skin also needs special attention as it fends off discomfort for you along the way. From now until 15 August, pick up your herbeast's 4-step skincare sample pack including an Amino Acid Moisturizing Face Wash, a Reishi Repairing Oil Serum, a Reishi Peptide Eye Cream and a Soothing Mask Cream. And check out the tips for taking care of your skin when traveling.

This summer, dwell in the east and explore the eastern formula for a sustainable sojourn at EAST Beijing.

For more information, please contact:
Ms Nicole Wang
Assistant Communications Manager
EAST Beijing
Tel: (+86) 10 8426 0888
Email: NicoleYWang@swirehotels.com

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