05 Mar, 2021

Women’s Day Celebration at The Middle House

The Middle House celebrates Women’s Day this year by offering work out classes with Sweaty Betty and J&M Healthy Life at Mi Xun Spa.Day.

The Middle House has launched a 2.0 Legend series to their original guest bartender event. The series invites House regulars adept at mixology to make a seasonal cocktail and compete against Gary, the in House bartender. Guests then vote for their favourite drink after tasting to decide the winner. This event takes place every last Thursday of the month.

The first invited guest is Michael Zee, the founder of Symmetry Breakfast (famous IG account) to come and challenge Gary, Head of Bars at The Middle House. Michael created a drink called WYPIPO, made of Mezcal Artesanal mixed in black sesame and soymilk. Gary placed his bet on the highly acclaimed Double Mirror cocktail to take on the challenge. 



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