17 Jul, 2019

Up Close with Phillip King at The Upper House

Renowned British sculptor Phillip King shared his incredible art journey at an Up Close session at The Upper House with moderator Alexandra Seno, Art Critic and Head of Development at Asia Art Archive.

Phillip’s sculptures have been displayed globally at national museums all over the world, including the UK, Japan, China, Australia, USA, the Netherlands and Germany.
Phillip’s career began while working as an assistant to Henry Moore, after graduating from Saint Martin’s School of Art. He was also instrumental in helping to redefine sculpture in the 1960s through his abstract and innovative use of materials, color, and geometry, making him one of the most influential sculptors in the past 50 years. While teaching at St. Martin’s, Royal College of Art and the Royal Academy of Arts, Phillip was elected as President from 1999-2004. He was also Great Britain’s representative in the 1968 Venice Biennale.

Phillip’s latest public sculpture titled “Darwin II” was unveiled and permanently installed in Taikoo Hui, Guangzhou, in summer 2019. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, “Darwin II” is an abstract composition of three geometric shapes interlocking one another, representing evolution, Charles Darwin and a gateway to the world respectively.

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