25 Jan, 2021

EAST Beijing launches their Eco Cup

EAST Beijing  launches its customized eco cup, encouraging sustainable habits within the community.

EAST Beijing is delighted to announce the launch of its customized eco cup, doing their part to encourage sustainability within the community.
The cup is made of bamboo powder, rich husk, crop straw and other natural plant fibers that were compressed at high temperatures and has the following characteristics:

  • Non-toxic
  • No smells
  • Biodegradable
  • Smooth and delicate, with a unique and natural texture
  • Waterproof, high strength, durable – not easy to burn or break

As one of the properties under Swire Hotels, EAST Beijing strives to do its part on protecting the environment from both the hotel and group level. We encourage our guests to reuse this EAST Cup to minimise one-time paper and plastic cup usage. Guests who purchase this cup at RMB 98*, can get a free cup of coffee at Domain and will also enjoy a RMB 5 deduction on any beverage at Domain in the future.

Start your sustainable life at EAST!

EAST Beijing

No.22 Jiuxianqiao Road,

Chaoyang District,

Beijing, China 100016

+86 10 8426 0888


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