03 Dec, 2019

“Art at EAST: Urban Remix” at EAST Miami

Art at EAST: Urban Remix launched at EAST Miami in Brickell this December, the first in a series set to debut under EAST’s brand-wide art programme.

Working with Ximena Caminos, a famed Argentine curator, has joined forces with Carlos Betancourt to create an exclusive installation, “On the Edge: The Hopeful Forest” that takes inspiration from the local city and explores what it means to live in the urban environment. The installation comes just in time for this year’s Art Basel Miami and pushes EAST to the forefront of the growing art scene in the city’s downtown neighbourhood where more and more satellite art fairs pop up each year. Carlos’ installation features a series of totems made from repurposed, abandoned objects found in the surrounding community. The collected objects used in these sculptural artworks are stacked and accumulated as if to mimic the towering high-rises of the adjacent Brickell neighborhood while alluding to personal memories and Miami’s overall identity. 


Carlos is a multidisciplinary artist whose artwork explores issues of memory and his own experiences, all while dwelling on matters of beauty, identity and communication.


These ‘impossibly balanced’ totem-like sculptures transmit a sense of harmony and equilibrium while simultaneously alluding to Miami’s transcultural identity.  As they reach towards the heights of the elegant cathedral-like lobby, these visually accessible and thought-provoking sculptures liberate the recycled objects of their original intentions and present them in a new context that is loaded with magic and hope.”


Following the debut of Art at EAST: Urban Remix at EAST Miami, the art programme will continue with exhibitions at EAST’s properties in Hong Kong and Beijing. The installations in development at EAST Hong Kong and EAST Beijing will commission locally based artists to interpret the concept of urban living. EAST Hong Kong’s installation will launch timed to the property’s 10th anniversary, followed by the unveiling of EAST Beijing’s exhibition. The three installations of Art at EAST: Urban Remix will engage with the local community, bringing in local artists and designers to encourage hotel guests to experience the vibrant communities that surround the individual properties in surprising, thought-provoking ways. 



788 Brickell Plaza Miami

FL 33131 USA

+1 305 712 7000



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