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EAST is dedicated to helping go-getting urbanites make the most of the city, so when it comes to creating our new art programme, we wanted to collaborate with artists and designers to think about broader questions around urban living. How might we live more sustainably? What might we do with reclaimed materials or cast-off objects to give it new meaning? How might we bring nature into urban spaces? 

Introducing “Art at EAST: Urban Remix”, EAST’s inaugural art programme and a series of artistic exploration of urbanism. It kicks off this December at EAST Miami with new artwork by internationally renowned artist and long time figure of the Miami creative scene, Carlos Betancourt. Repurposing abandoned objects from the community, from skateboards to Etch-A-Sketches, Carlos stacks them into sculptures that echo the towering high-rises of our urban landscape, and at the same time encapsulate the jumble of incongruous stories and personal memories that form the city. The composition of stacking these objects into what Carlos calls ‘contemporary totems’ also alludes to the ritualistic and “magical” elements of totemic art, serving as a symbolic element of the power. The objects here are liberated from their original intention and repurposed to serve differently, perhaps as modern amulets with their own mysterious energy for our urban lifestyles of today.

The artwork will be on show at EAST Miami this December.

In February, as our celebration of EAST Hong Kong’s 10th year anniversary, we will unveil ‘Urban Symphony’, an interactive installation that invites strangers to interact with each other through the sounds of the city. With the combined creative force of interactive design studio The Collective with independent music producer Edmund Leung and eco-design studio KaCaMa, it promises to be an experience not to be missed.



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