15 Jun, 2022

Passion Rules

Our Group Director of Operations Giovanni Beretta writes with zeal about how, above all, passion is the guiding light for Swire Hotels and what sets our brands apart.

Passion rules. Any true hotelier knows that. The only rules we like to follow are guided by our passion for the job, and passion is the engine that drives our daily lives (or, at least, it is at Swire Hotels!). 

It might sound very cliché, I know – but in our case, it is simply true.  

We are a great, little boutique hospitality company which isn’t moved simply by the desperate need of belonging or joining the herd of conformism. We don’t base our values and beliefs on the zealous and fashionable (and overwhelming!) crescendo of wanting to show off one’s adherence to supporting “the current thing”.  

In this ever less thoughtful, yet ever more followed phenomenon of saying or doing whatever everyone else is saying or doing, at Swire Hotels, we pride ourselves in – if nothing else – always having been true to ourselves since our inception, almost 15 years ago. We don’t need to shout out to the world how blindly obedient we are to the latest “rules of conformity for the good sheeple!” 

We are far from being the best at anything – to an extent, we don’t even try to strive for perfection (knowing way too well it does not exist). We do strive, instead, everyday – and with a much less “almighty approach” – to become the best that we can be. To learn from our mistakes. To improve. 

One of our (unsung) credos has always been our propensity for openness: of spirit, of ideas, of feelings. If there is one task we perform well and makes us proud, it’s being open-minded. It’s an open mindedness that is not a destination, but rather the journey that leads us through our every activity; and not so much in what we do, but rather, more importantly, in who we want to be. We are one, but all different. We don’t have a set of standardised rules that brightens our path (I cannot help but to think of some other establishments or occupations where you might even be “taught” at what time you must take a restroom break!). We go our own way. If there is an obstacle, well, the obstacle becomes “the way”. 

We don’t have service standards. We don’t have an “ideal” candidate. We don’t have a set of rules.  

As a matter of fact, when we look around ourselves, what do we see? A melting pot of personalities, a plethora of characters who on the surface seem to have nothing in common… but who, after digging deeper, all have one thing in common: passion. The passion that rules our days, that burns within us, that unites and ignites us. 

Un-requested. Un-demanded. And we’d like to think un-expected too.
For those who are part of our family, I’m not saying anything new.
For those who recently joined us, I know you can feel it. And for those who don’t know us too well… well, you might need to join to discover that what I’ve said now is just about the only set of rules we go by and adhere to! 

What? These lines are not politically correct? Ooops! 

Here as I write, where my fingers run freely, only passion rules. 

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