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    Swire Hotels


Contemporary Hotels, Unique Hotel Experiences

Style marries substance.
We promise to take our guests on a mood-changing journey full of surprising, memorable and intoxicating experiences. We promise to inspire, stimulate and rejuvenate in equal measure.

While our hotels celebrate and embrace ambitious modern design, we never let this get in the way of giving our guests exactly what they want, when they want it: for us style must always marry substance.

At heart, we are an improvising brand always open to new ideas and adapting to changing needs. We go with our instinct and have the confidence to challenge convention - not just for the sake of being different or standing out, but to enhance the lives of our guests and provide ever more rewarding experiences.

We are our own fiercest critics and set ourselves the high standards synonymous with the Swire name. We deliver exacting quality in everything we do and will never be in a hurry to open a hotel, always preferring to take our time in getting it just right.

While we will always be taken seriously as hoteliers and restaurateurs, we promise never to take ourselves too seriously. There will always be a bit of playfulness and sense of fun evident at Swire Hotels.